Advocacy that matches Unitarian Universalists' Visionary Values

We Unitarian Universalists have a history of being bold and visionary and bringing that leadership to the democratic process.  In Washington State, who was working for marriage equality before anyone else? Unitarian Universalists. In the legislative halls of Olympia, who was lobbying for marriage equality before anyone else? UU Voices for Justice.

From the 1790 Universalist Convention antislavery resolution authored by Benjamin Rush, a signator of the Declaration of Independence, to Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb who were killed in 1965 in the fight for voting rights to today's leaders in Black Lives Matter, Kenny Wiley;

From Red Cross founder Clara Barton's badgering (her form of lobbying) the President and Congress to form the American Red Cross to Hillary and Julie Goodridge's bigotry-shattering lawsuit that mandated marriage equality in Massachusetts;

From Henry David Thoreau, the grandfather of U. S. environmentalism who engaged in civil disobedience to oppose war, to Tim DeChristopher, who engaged in civil disobedience against government sale of oil and gas leases;

From Unitarian minister Francis David's service to King John Sigismund that resulted in the first European edict of religious toleration in 1568 to Whitney Young's service to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon that resulted in many advances in civil rights laws;

Unitarian Universalists are ahead of the curve and we just keep charging forward. Join us for an adventure in working together to shatter unjust laws and promote equity in Washington State.


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